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Does your current website need a facelift?

I can upgrade your existing website to a more contemporary design, so it’s mobile-friendly and optimised for a top Google ranking.

Are you ashamed of your current website because it looks stale and out dated?
Is it not working for you by attracting lots of customer enquiries?
Has it become a maze of pages that make it impossible for customers to navigate?
Is it mobile-device compatible?
Is it limping along on page 10 of Google and nobody can find it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then your website is probably long overdue for an upgrade.

Depending upon your budget and the format of your current website, I will advise you whether it will be more cost effective to upgrade your current website or, in the long term, whether it will be more financially viable to develop a brand new website. If this is the case I can usually import the content from your existing website thereby saving time (and money) on development fees.

Thank you again for all your wonderful help, the website is so much better and I’m very grateful to you. – Vicki Condon, Raise Foundation.

Mobile friendly website

In January 2014 figures showed that 65% of the Australian population have a smartphone with this figure expected to increase by a further 15% in 2015.  Research indicates that 90% of smartphone users using their phone to search for local information (52% of whom visited the website after performing a local search), 58% used search engines on their smartphone daily, 78% use their phone to research products and 41% have used their phone to make a purchase. With more and more people using mobile-devices to search the internet,  business owners must now assess whether whether their business can afford NOT to ensure their website is smart-device friendly.

Just thought I’d let you know we had a new client call up and she was very impressed with the new website, it was the main reason she called to book an appointment. – Katelyn, Stratogen Chartered Accountants.

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Website Upgrade Examples

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