Multiple caravan park website design services [Client: Hampshire Tourist Parks]

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Caravan park web design services Australia. 

For 10+ years I have been working with Hampshire Tourist Parks and have (as at Jan 2020) developed 8 separate websites for each of their 8 caravan parks dotted throughout NSW.

Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

My role in the design and development of each of these websites includes : 

  • Design a unique logo for each caravan park relevant to their location
  • Develop a new website that is consistent with the overall Hampshire Tourist Park brand yet unique to that caravan park
  • Create unique graphics for each tourist park
  • Undertake extensive keyword research for search engine optimisation to achieve a top, page one unique Google ranking
  • Curate content aimed at improving the website’s keyword relevancy (for Google ranking) while also providing useful and helpful information for visitors to each website
  • Interlink each website
  • Link to online booking portals
  • Provide website and email hosting.
  • Assist with domain name setup and redirection, where necessary. 
caravan park website designer

Caravan park website for Big River Holiday Park & Ski Lodge, Grafton

Logo Design

When a new caravan park joins the Hampshire Tourist Park group, I am also required to design a logo that represents the location and features of the property. 

Visit the Hampshire Tourist Park websites

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Caravan park website for Mudgee Holiday Park

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