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The Connecting Pathways website hadn’t been updated since it was originally developed in 2012.  With the popularity of mobile devices increasing exponentially since the website was originally designed, it looked terrible on a smart-phone or tablet and was long overdue for a refresh. Secondly, the website hadn’t been changed to adhere to recent updates Google had made to their algorithm so there was a lot of work to be done to secure a top search engine ranking.

Luckily, there weren’t too many changes that needed to be done to the content or photos. It was really just a matter of refreshing the design and layout.  To ensure the new design was contemporary and in keeping with the client’s industry (counselling) I retained a lot of white space and used a lighter colour palette.  The website design upgrade was finished within a day.  While undertaking the design upgrade, I applied recent Google changes to the code to ensure the website would be viewed favourably by Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.  After a few final tweaks and the new-look website was live within 48 hours.

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Website redesign services Northern Beaches

If your current website is looking outdated and is not easy to navigate and view on mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets, then contact Rebecca Mitchell for a quote to upgrade. Depending on the size of your website and extent of the upgrade, sometimes the work can be completed within a few days.

Rebecca Mitchell, founder of RAM Marketing, has been providing professional website design, SEO, online marketing and graphic design services to Sydney businesses since 1996. One of Rebecca’s most distinguishing points of difference over other website development companies is the advice, knowledge and expertise she provides her clients at no additional cost.

Importantly, Rebecca don’t just design your website and send you on your way.  Her goal is to ensure your business achieves success online, every day, and is noticed by your potential clients and customers.

Rebecca provides expert SEO services to ensure your website ranks top of Google.  She can also manage your website, social media and online marketing on your behalf.  Her search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing services guarantee your business stays abreast of Google’s strict algorithm requirements and is being seen by potential customers every single day.

In 2015 Rebecca expanded her services to include a growing range of internet marketing courses and search engine marketing (SEM) consultancy services.  Workshops include SEO training,  learn social media and how to set up a successful online business course.


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