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Running an e-commerce business online course. 

E-commerce course: the A – Z of selling online.

Selling online can be an extremely exciting yet somewhat daunting prospect for many business owners. Get it right and the rewards can be fantastic and extremely profitable for a very long time. My digital marketing courses have been created to help you achieve all your business goals online.

When setting up an online shop, whether you’re selling products or services, there are quite a few things that need to be considered. I am always somewhat surprised how under-prepared many business owners are. If you’re considering starting an online business or making the transition to selling your current products via your website, then this workshop has been created specifically with you in mind.

Workshop topics covered include: 

  • The options available when selling online and what software should you consider?
  • How to effectively present your products online.
  • Shipping and payment options.
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace to ensure potential customers find you.
  • Why it’s important to optimise your website content to ensure a top Google ranking.
  • Why you should consider niche markets when selling online and how you can successfully compete with bigger, more established companies.
The small business marketing consultation I had with Rebecca was very helpful and comprehensive. Rebecca’s expertise and knowledge was apparent throughout the 3-hour consultation. I walked away happy, with a strong direction and confident to go the next step with my business. I wholeheartedly recommend these small business marketing consultations with Rebecca. – Elizabeth Back. 

How do you prefer to learn?


Content is tailored to the specific requirements of your business and industry.

My tailored training sessions are perfect for businesses requiring more personalised assistance, or those unable to attend a public workshop.  Sessions can be held at your workplace or in my training rooms throughout Sydney. Businesses located outside Sydney can be accommodated if specific attendance numbers are reached.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions.


For groups of business owners who may not work in the same business/industry. Gather a group of friends or business associates or attend one of my public workshops.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions. Printed summary notes are provided to participants.

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Learn how to successfully manage your social media, website and digital marketing with confidence.

If you’re a small business and want to learn the tips and tricks required to ensure your business gets noticed by your customers online, I suggest you attend one of my small group workshops or organise a tailored, face-to-face consultancy session.

If your business relies on a top search engine ranking then attending one of my workshops or organising a tailored digital marketing consultancy session could be the best marketing decision you make this year. Gain the confidence and skills required to confidently manage your online marketing campaigns in-house.

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