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social media assistance

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Andrea Francolini is a Sydney photographer specialising in travel photography tours to amazing, far flung places.  With a Pakistan photography tour looming, Andrea wanted to take advantage of the power of social media. He wanted to learn how he could use Facebook and Instagram to introduce his photography tours to a new, almost limitless, audience.

Because Andrea’s needs were very specialised, I suggested a personalised, face-to-face social media consultancy session.  These one-on-one session are much more intensive than a group workshop as the primary focus is on the needs and requirements of their business specifically rather than being general information.

Importantly, what I determined during out session was that Andrea’s website desperately needed to be updated before he even considered launching any social media or internet marketing campaigns.  Unfortunately, it would have been a waste of Andrea’s resources to spend time and money on social media when his website lacked the essentials such as information about the travel packages, important calls-to-action and other online marketing “hooks”.  I put together a plan for Andrea to upgrade his website so it would work effectively in conjunction with social media.  And finally, I explained how he could utilise SEO (search engine ranking) to attract additional enquiries through Google searches.

Client Testimonial

My first impressions when talking with Rebecca on the phone were very positive and she got to the point within minutes. Our meeting was even more to the point as she proves to me why my site was not that great (besides the nice pictures of course!) as I could not be found easily. So we are not thinking of options to tackle this and she has quickly come up with a couple of solutions with different budgets. She is very direct and I have the impression she really masters her craft. – Andrea Francolini, Travel Photography Tours.

Social media consultancy

Are you confused about what social media platforms will work for your business? Should you be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat… the list seems endless. Which ones will attract the right customers?

With some insight into your business, I can advise you what social media platforms will best suit your business and attract the attention of potential customers.   I can help you devise an online social media marketing plan that will reap the results you want. And if you’re too busy to manage it in-house, my social media management services are the perfect solution.

Start taking advantage of the social media marketing phenomenon today before your competitors establish themselves in the marketplace and start building relationships with your customers.

Social media consultancy services include:

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Internet marketing services

Getting your business found online is a complex, ever-changing process that requires strategic planning and ongoing commitment.

In the ever expanding world wide web and social media space, ensuring your business is found online is not simply a matter of ‘if I build it, they will come’ – far from it!

Successful internet marketing is a continuing evolution of keyword strategy, website content updates, back-linking, social media activity and much more, to encourage traffic and engagement through your website.

Attracting (and keeping) the attention of the search engines and attract a top ranking requires dedication and persistence. Failure to follow Google’s strict rules can see your website languishing on page 6 or worse, not ranking at all.

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