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Internet Marketing Courses Sydney.

Since starting my marketing business in 1996 I have witnessed the way businesses promote themselves change to a largely online environment. We are now entering the era of Web 2.0 and small businesses are now able to compete with the big companies without breaking the bank. It’s an exciting time as the playing field levels. Learn the online marketing skills required to confidently compete with big business.

Internet marketing courses held on the Northern Beaches, North Shore & throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area

The way we use the internet has changed dramatically, and with that has been the way in which websites are designed and developed. Of late the biggest changes have been the dominance of Google, social media usage, the surge in mobile device usage and the acceptance of online shopping. With the right tools and knowledge, there are now so many opportunities for small businesses to compete without having a huge marketing budget.

If you’re a small business and want to learn the tips and tricks required to ensure your business gets noticed by your customers online, I suggest you attend one of my workshops or organise a training session at your workplace.

1. Social media: Making it work for your business

For the untrained, social media can be very time consuming but yield little results. Sometimes it works, but more often than not, it doesn’t.  This course will teach you how to confidently navigate social media and get it working for your business

In my experience businesses tend to use social media without first devising a strategy.  They don’t have a purpose or consider what they want to achieve. This is why social media doesn’t work for many business owners. If this is happening to you, or perhaps you’re not even sure where to start, this workshop will give you the understanding and confidence to use social media successfully.

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I found the idea of navigating around social media utterly daunting, I realise how vital it is to grow my business but I didn’t know where to begin. My session with Rebecca helped me not only to clarify what it is I’m trying to say to my potential clients but also who it is that I am aiming to appeal to and which of the social media platforms are the best fit for me. It was a groundbreaking experience and I feel so much more confident and sure of the way forward. – Ozlem Beldan, Xplore for Success. (More testimonials »)

2. SEO Basics

Our introduction to search engine optimisation course is perfect for people with little or no SEO knowledge or experience.

If your business relies on a top search engine ranking then attending one of my workshops or organising an in-house training session at your workplace could be the best marketing decision you make all year.

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I thought I had a very good basic knowledge of SEO, but Rebecca of RAM Marketing took me to a whole new level.  I can’t thank her enough for the knowledge I gained in those few hours of training, especially having the training specifically tailored to our website.  I would definitely recommend Rebecca to any business looking to get better results. – Deb Marks, Positive Partnerships. (More testimonials »)

3. Advanced SEO: Achieving Ongoing Success

Learn how to achieve ongoing SEO success with our advanced search engine optimisation course.

This workshop is suitable for people who have attended “The Basics” workshop and want to progress to the next level.  Also suitable for people who are more familiar with SEO but want to manage their website optimisation in-house and achieve greater success online.

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4. E-commerce: How to set up an online business

Selling online can be an extremely exciting yet daunting prospect for many businesses.

There are quite a few things that need to be considered and I am always surprised as to how under-prepared some business owners are. If you’re considering starting an online business or making the transition to selling your current products via your website, then this workshop has been created specifically with you in mind.

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The small business marketing consultation I had with Rebecca was very helpful and comprehensive. Rebecca’s expertise and knowledge were apparent throughout the 3-hour consultation. I walked away happy, with a strong direction and confident to go the next step with my business. I wholeheartedly recommend these small business marketing consultations with Rebecca. – Elizabeth Back. (More testimonials »)

How do you prefer to learn?

Tailored Training Sessions

Content is tailored to the specific requirements of your business and industry.

My tailored training sessions are perfect for businesses requiring more personalised assistance, or those unable to attend a public workshop.  Sessions can be held at your workplace or in my training rooms throughout Sydney. Businesses located outside Sydney can be accommodated if specific attendance numbers are reached.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions.

Group Workshops

For groups of business owners who may not work in the same business/industry. Gather a group of friends or business associates or attend one of my public workshops.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions. Printed summary notes are provided to participants.

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