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If your business relies on a top search engine ranking then attending one of my workshops or organising an in-house training session at your workplace could be the best marketing decision you make all year. Learn how to successfully manage your website SEO with confidence and achieve greater success online now and into the future.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to getting found online in the modern marketplace. It’s a never-ending process that requires ongoing commitment, a continuing evolution of keywords, online activity, linking to others, social media activity and other ways to evidence traffic and engagement on your website. A culmination of these factors ensures you gain the attention of Google so your business can be found by your potential customers. My training sessions and workshops are designed to help you achieve immediate online success and into the future.

My SEO courses provide you with step by step guidelines to equip you with everything you need to know to ensure you secure and maintain a top organic ranking on Google. You will gain the skills to manage your online marketing with confidence. Search engine optimisation is a broad, complex topic so I have broken this up into two sessions. Click here for information about my introduction to SEO course for beginners »

Advanced SEO – Achieve ongoing success

My advanced SEO course is suitable for people who have attended the SEO course for beginners course and want to progress to the next level.  It is also suitable for people who are more familiar with SEO but want to manage their website optimisation in-house and achieve greater success online.

Topics covered :

  1. What you should be doing on an ongoing basis to secure a top search engine ranking
  2. Using SEO to target new customers and untouched sectors of the market.
  3. How you can use SEO to market your business to local, national and international customers.
  4. How any changes to Google’s algorithm have altered how websites need to be optimised and how you can ensure your website is complying.
  5. How a combination of your website’s content, in conjunction with mobile-friendly technology, backlinks and a strong social media presence form the foundations for online success in the current marketplace.

After attending this session you will gain the skills required to confidently manage your online marketing in-house with confidence. You will also be better equipped to instruct your website developer regarding any changes that may be required to your website.

At the end of the session, we devise a strategic online marketing plan that will pull everything discussed together.

How do you prefer to learn?


Content is tailored to the specific requirements of your business and industry.

My tailored training sessions are perfect for businesses requiring more personalised assistance, or those unable to attend a public workshop.  Sessions can be held at your workplace or in my training rooms throughout Sydney. Businesses located outside Sydney can be accommodated if specific attendance numbers are reached.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions.


For groups of business owners who may not work in the same business/industry. Gather a group of friends or business associates or attend one of my public workshops.

Running time: Approximately 3 hours with plenty of time allocated to answer questions. Printed summary notes are provided to participants. Testimonial

We found Rebecca’s training on Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Training invaluable, it really opened our eyes to what is necessary to stay at the forefront in today’s constantly changing online landscape. Rebecca presented this information in a concise and easy to understand manner, along with practical ideas and tips on how we could easily implement our new learnings. We would be lost without Rebecca! – Ozlem Beldan, Xplore for Success.

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