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Project : Search engine optimisation of established WordPress website

Search engine optimisation services and SEO training course Sydney

Sydney AV had recently had their website upgraded by another website development company. Unfortunately, no search engine optmisation was undertaken on the new website so the client’s Google ranking plummeted and enquiries dropped significantly.

When I logged onto the website to do preliminary research before advising them of what needed to be done, I was surprised that not even the simplest, most basic SEO fuctionality had been undertaken.  I then set about full optimising the website with the view of establishing a top Google ranking for broad keywords as well as using a more strategic approach thereby expanding their keyword reach to attract potential customers in specific niche markets.

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SEO training services

Once the SEO upgrade was complete I sat down with the client for a 3 hour one-on-one, personalised SEO training where I explained what I had done to the website and what the client must do moving forward and managing the website themselves to ensure they retain their top Google ranking.  I also explained how they could use their blog and SEO to further strategise their internet market and use their website to expand into new markets.

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WordPress training

Secondly, the original website designer hadn’t provided any training so the client had no idea how to make changes to their website.  In a face-to-face WordPress training session I went through all  individual element of their website and explained how it should be updated and managed.

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