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CTI Kitchens have been clients of mine since 2011 when I originally designed their website.  Over the years I made small tweaks to the original website to ensure it continued to rank top of Google however the overall design remained relatively untouched.  Four years is a long time when it comes to website design and the CTI Kitchens website was long overdue for a revamp. The original design comprised a solid black background which was very popular at the initial time of development.  Contemporary website design now uses a lot more white space with a focus on clean, crisp images. The new design is much more conducive to the style of kitchens and bathrooms CTI are now installing.

Secondly, while the original website transposed reasonably well when viewed on a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone), it wasn’t originally developed with this type of user interaction in mind.

The new website was developed using WordPress. WordPress offered many advantages to the team at CTI Kitchens including the ability to easily make changes to their website, add new photos and update their blog quickly and easily on any computer, laptop, tablet and even mobile phone via the user-friendly password-protected Dashboard.  In the training sessions I held, I explained how they should be using their blog to successfully promote their services and also target specific niche markets and demographic areas. Importantly, the new website is responsive in it’s design so it adapts seamlessly when viewed on computers, tables and smart-phones.

Importantly it was a pre-requisite that the new website retained the top Google ranking the original website had always achieved. The upgrade enabled me to make important changes to how the search engine optimisation to ensure it adhered to recent updates Google made to the search engine ranking algorithm.  The new website will not only continue to rank top for the original keywords and keyword search phrases, but now has the potential to target niche markets and new demographic areas. The potential to reach new potential customers is endless and very exciting.

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Client testimonial

I’ve had a great response to the website after my email yesterday letting everyone know it was live. Thanks again for another professional & great job. – Paul Snelling, CTI Kitchens.

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I have been providing specialist trade website development, SEO and internet marketing services since 1996.  One of my most distinguishing points of difference over other website development companies is the advice, knowledge and expertise I provide my clients at no additional cost.  I don’t see my role as simply your website developer or graphic designer.  I work in conjunction with you to determine who your clients are, where they can be found and how we can ensure your marketing message speaks directly to potential customers.  I want your business to get noticed and your level of enquiries to increase exponentially. My all-inclusive tradie packages include website development, SEO (Google ranking), keyword research, domain name registration, website hosting and unlimited email addresses.

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