WordPress SEO Northern Beaches (Case Study: Australian Fixer HQ)

wordpress seo northern beaches

WordPress SEO Northern Beaches.

Andrea from Australian Fixer HQ had her website developed by another web designer who suddenly disappeared and was no longer available to make updates.

Andrea first contacted me for a WordPress training session so she could gain an understanding of how her website worked. She wanted to manage the website with confidence and “not break anything”.  We did a three hour, face-to-face WordPress training session where I taught Andrea everything she needed to know to manage her website.

As an Australian film producer and movie location scout (fixer), Andrea targets customers both locally and overseas.  A top Google ranking is paramount for her business to attract new customers from around the world.  While we were doing the WordPress training I noticed that search engine optimisation hadn’t been done on her website. In fact, a “no follow” instruction has been activated on the website which instructs Google NOT to crawl the website. It would never have been included in Google’s search directory.

Upon hearing this, Andrea employed me to undertake the WordPress SEO required to ensure her website ranked for the necessary keywords.

First I undertook extensive research to determine what keywords her potential customers were likely to use when searching for Australian film industry services.  This formed the basis of the website SEO strategy and determined what content was needed.  The website went from a single landing page to a comprehensive 16 page website with built-in blog where Andrea can feature film industry related news.

Calls to action were added throughout the website. Finally, the website was submitted to the search engines for inclusion on their directories.

Additionally, Andrea was being overcharged by her web host provider so I switched her to a more cost-effective website hosting package that was better suited to her requirements. This hosting package included unlimited email addresses and a free SSL certificate (soon to become a Google prerequisite).

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About the client

Andrea Gorddard is an Australian Film Fixer specialising in location scouting, film and TV production management, and TV and film crews. Andrea can also assist clients with Australian film permits and regulations. Solutions based, Andrea supports her clients with all their filming needs in Sydney and around the country.  Andrea will make the experience of filming in Australia a stress free undertaking.

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WordPress SEO Services Northern Beaches.

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