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WordPress search engine optimisation (SEO)

Event Training Australia is a Sydney based business that runs event training courses throughout Australia. Their website had been developed by another company whom I wasn’t affiliated and hadn’t been optimised for search engine ranking (SEO).  The client approached me to undertake the necessary search engine optimisation required to ensure the website ranked on Google for a wide range of keywords used by potential students interested in completing an event management course.

First I did extensive research to ascertain what keywords people used to search for event management and other related courses.  Next I created an SEO strategy for the entire website.  Existing content was updated and new content added to ensure all bases were covered. Changes were also made to the content layout to improve calls to action and encourage enquiry.  And finally, the website was submitted to the search engines for inclusion on their search directories.

And finally, I advised the client what they need to do to maintain a top search engine ranking in the long term. With this information the client will try self managing and maintaining their website. I am always available look over any updates and make sure they are consistent with the overall SEO strategy and are optimised correctly for search engine ranking.

Website Search Engine Ranking Services Sydney.

I have been providing specialist website developmentSEO and internet marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes (including Sydney hotels and pubs) since 1996.  One of my most distinguishing points of difference over other website development companies is the advice, knowledge and expertise I provide my clients at no additional cost.  I don’t see my role as simply your website developer or graphic designer.  I work in conjunction with you to determine who your clients are, where they can be found and how we can ensure your marketing message speaks directly to potential customers.  I want your business to get noticed and your level of enquiries to increase exponentially. My affordable all-inclusive packages include website developmentSEO (Google ranking), keyword research, domain name registration, website hosting and unlimited email addresses.


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About the client

Event Training Australia run event management courses that are intended for people who need to build event management skills and knowledge because of their expanded work role, a desire to move in another career direction, or a need to ensure they are employing industry best practice in their current position. Their event training courses are designed and delivered by Australian award-winning presenters.  Courses are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane / Gold Coast.