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Email and Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

Communicate with your customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Rebecca Mitchell runs a boutique digital marketing agency based on the Northern Beaches Sydney and works with clients Australia-wide.
I create affordable, effective digital and email marketing campaigns that will help you connect regularly with customers and increase awareness of your brand.

I can assist with everything you need to start communicating with your customer database through email marketing.   Whether you already have a database or need assistance setting one up, I can help devise techniques that will attract and build subscriber numbers. 

I can design eye-catching HTML email campaigns and e-newsletters that increase open rates and encourage click-throughs to your website.

I can also assist with the selection and setup of contact management software (CMS software) and advise what programs will best suit your requirements and budget.

The benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool overlooked by many businesses. As someone who has been using email marketing for many years, I can vouch for the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this powerful marketing medium.  With a strategic approach, proper guidance and a strong message, your business is sure to benefit from email marketing. Below are some of the benefits email marketing can offer your business:

  1. Email marketing is more affordable than print marketing and not as rigid.
  2. A simple way for businesses on a limited budget to increase brand awareness.
  3. Is an easy way to engage your customers and prompt action (sales, feedback).
  4. Fast to disseminate and immediately received by the recipient.
  5. Your message can be personalised with the use of database tags.
  6. Through database segmentation, you tailor your message to different customers.
  7. Recipients can easily forward your message to others or share via social networking.
  8. Reporting allows you to track open and click-through rates and adapt your message accordingly.
  9. No restriction on location – can be sent to customers anywhere in the world instantly.
  10. Offers a great return on investment when done correctly.

Affordable email marketing services (EDM)

In my experience, email marketing is something a lot of businesses talk about but never get around to doing.  An email database can be a huge asset to any business and well-conceived e-marketing campaigns can reap brilliant results, yet many businesses put it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

I can assist with all your e-marketing requirements including:

  • add subscription and call-to-action forms to your website to capture subscribers;
  • set up a database management program (eg, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact) that handles new subscriptions, and un-subscriptions and adheres to all relevant privacy laws;
  • assist with ideas, gathering information and writing content for your campaigns;
  • create attractive, branded e-newsletters and disseminate them to your subscribers; and
  • track click-through rates and return on investment results.

constant contact setup sydney

Constant Contact Setup

I have been using Constant Contact for 15+ years. It’s cost-effective and easy to use, yet very powerful.  There is a huge range of mobile-friendly email templates available.  I often create a custom template for clients very specific to their requirements and brand.

A powerful feature of Constant Contact is the “set and forget” autoresponder function.  Emails are automatically sent to contact on trigger dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc, keeping contacts engaged without much effort.

Constant Contact integrates with social media and provides detailed reports including open rates and click-through rates.

Contact me direct for assistance with Constant Contact setup and my email marketing services.

Constant Contact subscription fees: From $20 per month. 60-day trial available.

mail chimp setup sydney

Mail Chimp Setup

Mail Chimp is one of the world’s most popular email marketing programs sending out billions of emails every day.

Mail Chimp offers a large library of email templates and themes, or I can create a unique template just for you.

Mail Chimp integrates with social media and provides detailed reports including open rates and click-through rates.

Mail Chimp pricing: Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.  Or, from $20 per month to send unlimited emails. Pay-per-email plans also available.

Contact me direct for assistance with Mail Chimp setup and my email marketing services.

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