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Your logo forms the foundation of your business brand. It should clearly identify your company in the marketplace and differentiate you from your competitors. Importantly, it should be something your company is proud to display as it’s professional identity. Scroll through the pages below to view examples of logos and brands I have developed for clients across a variety of industries.
If you are establishing a new business, or perhaps your existing brand needs a revamp, give me a call for an obligation free quote to undertake the work required.

Web design upgrade Northern Beaches plus logo design (Gavin Wolf Paper Engineer)

website design northern beaches sydney

Logo and website design for Northern Beaches small business I have been working with Gavin Wolf, a Northern Beaches based paper engineer, for around 10 years.   What’s a paper engineer?  A paper engineer creates clever interactive marketing material that slide, pop up and rotate.  Gavin is possibly one of Australia’s most experienced paper engineers and […]

Mobile friendly website with blog

mobile phone friendly website design northern beaches

WEBSITE DESIGN UPGRADES NORTHERN BEACHES Astijano Designs, creators of beautiful handmade wedding stationery and party invitations, have been clients of mine for 10+ years. During this time the Astijano website has gone through a series of upgrades to ensure the design and content remains contemporary, thereby reflecting the Astijano brand and changes with the wedding industry. […]

The psychology of colour in logo design

colour and logo design

Using colour when designing a logo Colour influences human emotion and behavior and, when it comes to logo design, can be used to evoke very specific responses from your customers or clients. Colour can be used to encourage people to buy, it can convey stability and professionalism or represent fun and creativity, it can be calming […]

Logo design – things to consider when designing your company logo

What is a logo? A logo is a graphic representation or symbol of a company, trademark, object, publication, person, service or idea and is often uniquely designed for ready recognition.  Six questions I pose when designing a logo for a client:  Who is the client? What do they offer? Who is their audience? Who are their competitors? How will the logo […]

Graphic Design Northern Beaches

graphic design northern beache

Graphic Design Northern Beaches + North Shore Sydney I can assist with all of your graphic design requirements including logo design, brand development, website design, office stationery, advertising material, brochures and everything in between. Support local.    I have been providing graphic design services to Northern Beaches businesses since 1996.  Working from a home office […]