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Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Affordable SEO services for a page 1 Google ranking.

Not sure why your website isn’t ranking top of Google? The answer is usually because it hasn’t been optimised for search engine ranking.

»  Is your website limping along on page 10 of Google and nobody can find it?
»  Do you wonder why your competitor’s websites are ahead of yours in the search engine results?
»  Are you concerned that less experienced businesses are getting more customer enquiries because they rank higher than you on Google?

Improve your search engine ranking quickly

I can ensure your website achieves a better Google search result immediately!

If your business isn’t ranking on page 1 of Google and other search engines it is near impossible to compete in the crowded online marketplace.

I will boost the ranking of your existing website quickly. I can also suggest hidden markets you may never have considered where available to you thereby bringing in more enquiries or customer orders.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a constantly evolving process that is based on complex mathematical algorithms and technical know-how. Without the help and expertise of an SEO expert managing your search engine optimisation and digital marketing correctly, achieving a top Google ranking may be impossible.

what is seo

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

In simple terms, search engine optimisation (or organic SEO as it is often abbreviated to) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of visits (traffic) to a website due to its placement (rank) on search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, for specific keywords.

My role, as an SEO expert, it is to ensure my client’s websites are optimised correctly so they appear in the search engine rankings for keywords relevant to the client’s business, products and services.  I want my client’s websites to be seen by their potential customers for as many relevant keywords as possible.

Answers to more SEO FAQs »

Organic SEO versus Google Adwords / pay-per-click advertising

Organic SEO shouldn’t be confused with Adwords or the pay-per-click advertising that often appear in the Google search results (SERPs).

With organic SEO (which is what I specialise in) you are not paying money to the search engines to be ranked in the search results. It is an ‘earned’ result due to effective search engine optimisation.  That’s why the organic listings on Google are considered more authoritative, as opposed to the ad listings who have paid Google for the privilege.  SEO is earned and often results in more relevant information.

As an example, when searching for a “local plumber”, have you ever clicked on one of the ads at the top of the Google search results only to find the plumber is not local? That’s because they have paid Google Adwords to appear in the search results for a range of keywords, including perhaps your local suburb. Then when you scroll down the results to the organic listings, you find the local plumbers located in your region.

SEO isn’t easy

It’s important to note that SEO isn’t easy. The search engines like Google and Co. are constantly changing the rules and it’s very important that I stay abreast of these changes and ensure my client’s websites adhere to these rules.  Equally as important is that I understand the client’s business, what they want to achieve online and also, their customers behaviours. Search engine optimisation is certainly not easy or for the faint hearted!

Tailored (affordable) SEO services

** No lock-in contracts or ongoing SEO fees **
Just flexible SEO services tailored to your individual requirements and budget.
There is no silver bullet to getting found online in the modern marketplace. It is a never-ending process that requires the ongoing commitment of content creation, a continuing evolution of keywords and many other factors that culminate to evidence traffic and engagement on your website in order to gain the attention of the search engines such as Google and co.

My SEO services and expertise includes the following: 

  • Business consultation and website assessment.
  • Website upgrades if required to adhere to Google’s algorithm requirements.
  • Extensive keyword using a range of tools.
  • Competitor research.
  • Backlink generation.
  • Detailed SEO strategy preparation.
  • Ongoing search engine rank tracking.
  • Writing new content optimised specifically for keyword targeting.
  • Search engine submission.
  • Google Analytics setup and integration.
  • Google My Business setup and local citations.
  • Social media setup and management.
  • Email and digital marketing services.
  • SEO training courses.
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Rebecca was fantastic to work designing our flooring website. She created a very contemporary design that was easy to use, stylish and completely in line with our companies image. Within 2 days we were listed number 3 on a search of Google! Rebecca knows what works, what will drive people to the website and best of all she gave us the tools in managing our website and was always enthusiastic in her approach. We will be using Rebecca’s wonderful services again. – Amber Johnson, Woodland Flooring.