8 benefits of having a business website (and it’s not just about sales)

business website benefits
Having a contemporary, well designed website for your business gives you an online presence so you can reach potential customers 24/7.

1. Sell products. Promote your services.

First, on your website you can promote your products, services and brand to customers. These customers may be local, Australia-wide or overseas.

Without a website, your potential customers are purchasing from your competitors. Your competitors are then building a relationship with them.

2. It’s expected.

Secondly, it is expected that a ‘professional’ business will have a website.  It adds credibility to your brand, giving customers a positive impression of your company, the services you offer or products you sell.

3. You’ll appear on the search engines.

Thirdly, when a website is optimised correct for search engine ranking (SEO), it is a powerful marketing tool that positions your company in front of potential customers. Couple SEO with a well formulated digital marketing strategy and you’ll be well positioned to attract enquiries from new customers you otherwise aren’t connecting with.

4. You can better communicate with customers (and find out what they need / want).

Fourth, a well formulated website that has been designed with the customer’s needs in mind, is an effective communication tool.  Through contact forms, feedback mechanisms, reviews, and much more, you can foster better customer engagement with the goal of establishing ongoing relationships (and more sales). Customer feedback can be used to help you understand their needs and preferences so you can improve your products and services.

5. It’s cost effective advertising.

Five, a business websites is possibly the most cost effective tool in your marketing arsenal. Compared to traditional advertising methods, maintaining a website is a fraction of the cost.

6. Collect data so you can adapt your products and services.

Six, with tracking software added to your website, you’re able to collect valuable data and analytics about your customers. This data helps you to understand user behaviour, preferences, demographics and  the geographic location of the visitors to your website. With this information you can adjust or adapt your website content and keywords to expand your market reach.

7. Showcase your experience and expertise.

Seven, a business website provides a portal to showcase recent projects, discuss customer case studies and showcase your expertise giving potential customers an insight into your areas of expertise and quality of work.

8. Represent how your business is evolving.

And finally, business websites can be scaled up and updated so they grow and evolve alongside your business. This can be done quickly and cost effectively.  In fact, your website should be constantly evolving to highlight that your business is progressive and adapting alongside the needs of the market.


If you’ve still got questions about the benefits of having a website for your business, contact me for advice. I have been building websites for 25 years and have worked with hundreds of small businesses around Australia.  I offer cost effective website solutions that fit with your budget and requirements.

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