Why a mobile friendly website design is paramount

mobile friendly website design

Don’t have a mobile-friendly website?

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions :

  • Are potential customers likely to access your website from a mobile device?
  • Will they get frustrated if your website is not mobile-friendly?
  • Would there be an expectation in your industry for your business to have a mobile website?
  • Have you competitors got mobile-friendly versions of their website?
  • Will having a non-mobile friendly website represent to customers that your company lacks innovation and, shall we say, is old fashioned?

Chances are the resounding answer to all of the above is a very loud “YES“…

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Above: The screen shot at the top shows the client’s website before it had been upgraded to a mobile friendly design. Below, the new website is responsive so adjust to the device.

The benefits of a responsive website

  1. Your website will look great on all computers and hand-held devices (including smart phones) leading to a better user experience (happy customers = more sales / enquiries).
  2. Visitors will stay on your website longer leading to an increased change they will contact you or purchase your products.
  3. Your website will load faster – makes Google happy and keeps customers online for longer.
  4. Mobile users buy more – perhaps it’s our “I want it now” culture?
  5. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with a higher search engine ranking (or penalises websites that aren’t).

In short, it’s no longer acceptable for a business not to have a mobile-friendly website.

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Definition: What is responsive web design?

Wikipedia definition – Responsive web design is an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Recent work also considers the viewer proximity as part of the viewing context as an extension for RWD.

The RAM Marketing ‘lay person’s’ explanation – Think non-mobile friendly websites like a sheet of paper with all the content “stuck” to the page. If you viewed that page on a mobile phone, it’s just a smaller, shrunk down version of the page.  The text, images and page content is simply shrunk to fit on the screen. You need to use your forefinger and thumb to magnify (pinch / squeeze) the text so you can read it. It’s just not practical.  The page content on a responsive website “floats” so when you view it on a small screen the elements on the page are able to move around to fit the space.  Images may line up underneath each other vertically. Text automatically increases to a legible size. Button increase and become easily “clickable” by a human sized finger. It’s seamless, practical and easy to use. 

Mobile-friendly web design quotes

For more information about upgrading your website to a responsive (mobile-friendly) design that will look great on all devices, contact me for a quote over the phone. I have been building websites for 25 years and have worked with hundreds of small businesses around Australia.  I offer cost effective mobile web design solutions that fit with your budget and requirements.

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