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organic seo vs paid seo


Using search engines there are basically there are two ways to drive traffic to your website: organic search engine optmisation (organic SEO) and Adwords / Pay-Per-Click advertising .

The screen shot below highlights the paid listings (Adwords or Pay-Per-Click listings) at the top and the organic listings below them. The paid listings feature the word “AD” in a box next to the page link.

what is organic seo
Organic SEO vs Paid SEO.


What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO, or natural SEO as it is sometimes referred, are the methods used to secure a high, unpaid ranking or placement on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The more efficient and relevant the SEO for specific keywords entered by the Searcher, the higher the website will rank.

The placement of webpages within these results are search algorithm driven.

What is a search algorithm?

When we use a search engine such as Google to search the web, we expect the most relevant answers (i.e. websites) to appear at the top of the search results.

With hundreds of billions of webpages listed on Google’s search engine, algorithms (i.e. complex mathematical equations) sort through all these pages to return the most relevant and useful results back to the Searcher within a fraction of a second.

The benefits of organic SEO

Organic SEO mainly relies on the keyword relevancy of the content on a website to determine it’s position (ranking) on the search results.

Generally organic SEO listings generate more clicks as the content is likely to be more relevant to the search.  This builds greater trust among users.

Organic SEO has more longevity than paid listings as they don’t “expire”. There is no cost if people click through to your website from your organic listing.

Examples of organic SEO

Before optimising a website for SEO, the first thing I do is undertake extensive research to determine what keywords and keyword search phrases people are using to search for the clients products and/or services.  Armed with this information I may apply the following search engine optimisation techniques:

  • update / edit existing content and add new content to improve keyword relevancy
  • apply link building strategies and improve back links
  • incorporate meta data and other tag attributes
  • assess the client’s social media platforms and suggest improvements
  • recommend methods in which the client should adopt to drive traffic to the website
  • for existing website, assess whether there are any factors that could lead to search engines penalising them
  • assess their competitors websites and SEO strategies and report to the client

The importance of an SEO expert

Each year, Google changes their search algorithm around 500–600 times. That’s why, if a top Google ranking is important for the success of your business, you need the assistance of an SEO expert to ensure your website adheres to any important updates that will affect the ranking of your website.

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What is paid SEO?

Paid SEO, also called Adwords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is where you pay Google (or any search engine) to list your website in the search results.  Each time someone clicks on your Ad listing and is directed through to your website, a pre-defined amount is debited from your Google account (hence the term “Pay-Per-Click”).

The average cost per click is approximately $1 – $4.  However, if your preferred keywords are highly sought after then you may need to bid higher than your competitors to ensure your listing ranks above theirs.  For example, sought after keywords like “insurance”,  “loans” and “mortgage” can cost $40+ per click.

The main problem with paid SEO is that once you stop paying Google, your listings disappear.  Unless you want to keep paying Google forever, an organic search engine ranking is paramount.

Popular consensus is that Searchers bypass these listings with the knowledge that they have paid to appear on the page.  Is this what you do?

Conclusion : Organic SEO vs PPC advertising

My advice to any business owner wanting to harness the scope of the internet to attract new customers is always to diversify.  Getting your business found online is a complex, ever-changing process that requires strategic planning and ongoing commitment.  In saying that, I have hundreds of clients operating very successful, profitable small businesses who rely solely on organic SEO to attract customers.  Other clients who may be operating in highly competitive industries may require a broader internet marketing mix that includes social media, database marketing and, in some instances, short term Adwords campaigns. The needs and requirements of any two clients is never identical.

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