Upgrade WIX website to WordPress (MH First Aid)

seo services northern beaches

seo services northern beaches

WIX website upgrade to WordPress Sydney.

MH First Aid Courses, is a Northern Beaches business teaching first aid and CPR training. Mitch, the business owner was using a WIX website he had developed himself however it was nowhere to be found on Google and therefore wasn’t attracting any enquiries or course bookings.  While WIX allows business owners to create a cost effective website themselves, if a top Google ranking is required to attract customers a professional website with expert SEO (search engine optimisation) is required to achieve a top Google ranking. It’s not just about good web design but the SEO services of an expert search engine optimisation professional is paramount. A website is pointless unless people can find it.

A multi-faced SEO strategy was paramount.  Mitch wanted to start attracting first aid course bookings immediately.  I undertook extensive keyword research into keywords his customers (students) use to search for first aid courses.  I also uncovered potential markets Mitch hadn’t considered targeting.  Needless to say, the potential for expansion into new and untapped markets was very exciting.

Important functionality of the website was a course registration and online booking system so students could search for courses being run in their area and reserve their place online from any computer, smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Course payments are taken at the time of registration which drastically reduced the time Mitch has to spend tracking registrations numbers and maintaining accounts.  As class spaces are limited, a feature of the booking system is that courses are closed once maximum registration capacity has been reached. Unlike the simple system Mitch had been using on his WIX website, this meant courses couldn’t be overbooked eliminating the embarrassment of calling participants to inform them they couldn’t attend their chosen course.

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About the client – MH First Aid

MH First Aid is a local Northern Beaches based business with the primary goal of providing clients with the most up to date first aid training, CPR techniques and basic life support certification. Their first aid courses are structured in a manner that allows maximum student participation and retention of information. Nearly all of the techniques practiced in the various first aid training require practical application, allowing students to learn and perfect their first aid management using a “hands on