Do all trade businesses need a website? The short answer is… YES!

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Even after working in website designer and online marketing specialists for more than 20 years, I am always surprised at the number of trade businesses who still don’t have websites.

When I ask trade business owners why they still don’t have a website they often respond that they receive enough work from their tradie mates or ongoing referrals from past customers.  While that’s great now – it’s not rational planning for the future success of their business in years to come.

Why? Consider these scenarios…

What happens when their tradie mates retire or decide to get “off the tools” and sell their business to someone who may not show the same degree of loyalty? What happens if conditions within the building sector shift and the work dries up? What about if their past customers move out of the area or no longer require ongoing assistance because they have moved into low-maintenance living?  I could come up with dozens of other scenarios but I’m sure you get the gist.

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Should all trade businesses have a website?

Do all trade businesses need a website?  The short answer is “yes”. The case study below indicates why.

Unsure of the benefits of using the internet to attract more business, it took a few years for me to convince the owner of Northern Beaches painting company, ASAP Painting, that he should get a website. Like other tradies, they relied on their relationship with other trades (i.e. builders, plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc) to pass work around to each other.

For example, a builder gets a job and then employs his preferred painter, landscaper, kitchen installer, to undertake certain parts of the job.

My advice to tradies is to be aware of the dangers of relying on other trades for work and, at the very least, spend a little time and money establishing your own brand independent of anyone else. Source your own unique clients who will get you through tough times when the economy may not be performing at its peak.

Best of all, you can always knock back work if you’re too busy. What a wonderful position to be in.

To this end, I developed a simple, affordable website for ASAP Painting that gives them a presence online should people be seeking a painter on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore. The owner prefers to work close to home so I optmised the website to target the Northern Beaches and North Shore specifically. My goal is to keep the flow of work steady and regular so there is work to fill the voids between the large-scale building and strata jobs.  The design of the website also gives the business owner a forum to showcase the work he has done. He can, therefore, direct potential customers to his website so they get a feel for his workmanship and the scope of work he can undertake.

To view the ASAP Painting website visit

View examples of trade business websites 

Below are links to just a few tradie websites I have developed in the past few years.  These range across all sectors of the building and trade based industries.

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Affordable website design for trade businesses

A trade website isn’t expensive and pays for itself very quickly.

My trade website design services are all-inclusive.  There are no hidden costs and the required SEO (Google ranking) work is completed by me.  This means you don’t have to wait for another company to complete this and therefore wait months until your website starts ranking on Google. Importantly, your website will look great on all devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

For an obligation free discussion and quote to upgrade your website, contact me directly.

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