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I was approached by the Sales Manager at Danmac Forklifts, a company based at Wetherill Park Sydney, at the end of 2019 to improve their search engine ranking.  They already had a WordPress website but it wasn’t ranking on Google. They were, therefore, missing out on valuable customer enquiries.

I undertake a lot of work for new clients who have had their websites developed by another web designer however no search engine optimisation (SEO) had been done and, therefore, their website doesn’t appear in the Google search results.  It’s common and, in most cases, it’s relatively easy to apply the correct SEO requirements needed by Google to an existing website.

Unfortunately, upon further testing and investigation into the theme code running the Danmac website, I uncovered multiple problems affecting the functionality.  These problems were already proving extremely frustrating to the staff whose role was to update the website content. These issues would have also been visible to Google, leading to search engine ranking penalties now and into the future. Additionally, the problems would no doubt have annoyed visitors to the website, probably leading high bounce rates and leaving potential customers with a poor impression of the company.

With the myriad of problems, I explained to the client that it was faster and more cost-effective to upgrade WordPress, install a ‘cleaner’ theme and uninstall any problematic plugins and replace them with more stable ones.

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WordPress website upgrade and search engine optimisation

A summary of the work undertaken on this project can be summarised as follows :

  • Run auditing tests of the current website and ascertain any problems. Apply fixes, where possible.
  • Install new WordPress theme and amend to incorporate the Danmac brand and colour scheme.
  • Undertake extensive keyword research.
  • Add new content, where required, and optimise existing content for search engine ranking.
  •  Install and set up any necessary WordPress plugins required for functionality and security.
  • Optimise the website for fast download and load times.
  • Provide WordPress training to staff so they can confidently make updates to the website and ensure it’s optimised correctly for Google rankings.
  • Migrate their website to a new web host offering more reliable website hosting services.

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About the client

Danmac Forklifts owns and manages one of the most diverse and best maintained forklift and attachment fleets in Australia. Proudly family-owned since 1980, Danmac is Sydney’s premier forklift hire company, providing a range of unique, quality forklifts and forklift attachments for hire and sale at competitive prices. Explore our quality forklift range now. Check out their range of new and used forklifts for sale.  They offer their forklift clients flexible hire terms, full maintenance agreements and try before you buy. Danmac lease, hire and sell forklifts of all shapes and sizes from small lift trucks to large forklifts up to 25 tonne capacity with high lift capacity up to 13,800mm.

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WordPress Website Upgrades & SEO Services

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