WordPress SEO upgrade for Northern Beaches small business (Case Study: Platinum Awards)

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When Platinum Awards (suppliers of sporting trophies and corporate awards) first approached me, the search engine optimisation of their WordPress website was being managed by another SEO agency.  Business owner, Patrick, had been paying the SEO agency hundreds of dollars every month to manage their website with their goal of achieving and securing a top Google ranking.  After months of slipping down the search engine rankings, Patrick contacted me for advice.

Upon initial inspection of the website, I could see that while some basic SEO had been done, important element were missing and no internet marketing strategy.   There was a blog on the website but this was being populated with very broad, generalised articles (eg, “Academy Award winners 2016”) that wouldn’t have been doing much to boost their Google ranking for keywords and keyword search phrases used by potential customers looking to buy trophies and awards.  My assumption was that the original SEO agency were outsourcing the work to cheap off-shore labour (India perhaps?) who didn’t have an understanding of the business or the potential customers they were trying to attract.

Keyword Research

The first step in cleaning up the Platinum Awards website and optimising it correctly for a top Google ranking (for the right keywords) was to undertake extensive keyword research.

Patrick supplied a list of keywords and keyword search phrases he thought his potential customers would use to find a company such as his.  I then researched the popularity of these keywords and uncovered additional keywords also being used.

I always find this stage of the process incredibly interesting – whatever the industry, business owners can be somewhat insular regarding the keywords they “think” potential customers are using.  My research often uncovers a much wider range of keywords and keyword search terms the client had never considered.

I am also a firm believer in targeting “niche keywords”.  While these may not be the terms that attract the largest volume of searches, they are still used by some people.  These lesser used keywords are frequently overlooked by most SEO experts who prefer to target the “big ticket” keywords that get the highest search volume.  These lesser used keywords are therefore ripe for the picking.  It’s easier to rank top of Google and competition is slim. They are the gift that just keeps giving!

I created a detailed SEO strategy for the entire website and set to work optimising the existing content and adding new content to fill any gaps.  I added new pages created specifically to target big-ticket keywords and those lovely niche keywords.

Website Upgrade

While the overall design of the Platinum Awards website was OK, it wasn’t representing the range of the client’s products or the calibre of their work as there were only a few product images on display.  I changed this dramatically by adding images to the home page slider and photo galleries throughout.

Secondly, the website lacked strong calls-to-action.  While a top search engine ranking is paramount, it is equally as important that once someone enters your website, they convert into a client.  It’s simply a waste of time and money establishing a top Google ranking if, when prospects do visit your website, they don’t convert into paying customers.

To this end, I made a lot of changes to the wording of the website and added prominent calls-to-action throughout.

Search Engine Ranking

Within a week of the new website changes going live, it’s search engine ranking increased exponentially – and will only continue to grow.  Importantly, the website is now ranking for the keywords and keyword search phrases that potential clients are likely to enter into Google. And, once potential customers enter the website their conversion rate from prospect to paying customer should increase.

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About the client

Platinum Awards provides a one stop shop for sporting trophies and corporate awards for every occasion.  They also specialise in one-off custom trophies and projects for large sports clubs and associations. They pride themselves on their competitive pricing, reliability and making sure the process is as smooth as possible for all their customers. They are laser engraving specialists and can engrave on a wide range of products including glass and crystal engravingplasticstainless steel and standard trophy and perpetual engraving. They provide free artwork set up and engraving proofs to all customers prior to engraving to ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible. Quick turnarounds is not a problem.

Visit the Platinum Awards website »

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