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In 2019, a compressed air system company based on Sydney’s North Shore (Lane Cove) rebranded from Superior Engineering Solutions to Compressed Air Technology (CAT Air).  I was employed to assist in this transition.

Below is a summary of the work undertaken and how I assisted the client to ensure the transition over to the new business name was trouble-free.

digital marketing agency north shore

Stage 1 – Logo and Branding

The first step in the transition away from the old business name was to design a new logo and brand concept for Compressed Air Technology.

The client wanted a contemporary design using compressed air industry-standard colours (light blue, black and grey) but didn’t contain the cliched compressed air system graphics favoured by other companies.  I supplied several design mock-ups with the client happy with the logo concept above of which I supplied in several colour variations.

Stage 2 – Domain Name Change

The change to the new business name required the registration of new domain names (, and alterations to their email addresses (eg,  I assisted and advised in all aspects of these changes, where required.

Stage 3 – Website Upgrade, SEO and Local Marketing

I had developed their original website when the company was trading as Superior Engineering Solutions so the transition over to the new brand colours was relatively simple and without problems.

New keyword research was necessary as the business was expanding into new products and services within their industry.  A significant amount of new content was added to ensure their keyword relevancy covered any new search terms.  It was also an opportunity to apply new search engine optimisation techniques so the website adhered to any changes to Google’s SEO requirements.

Local marketing portals such as Google My Business (Google Maps) also had to be updated accordingly to incorporate the new material and changes to the businesses’ products and services. See below.

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Stage 4 – Brochures and Marketing Material

Marketing material such as product brochures, company profiles, presentations, etc, had to be updated to incorporate the new colours and branding.

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Stage 5 – Ongoing Internet Marketing and Social Media Management (LinkedIn)

With all of the above updates complete, it is now a matter of keeping the website up to date with the addition of new content and ensuring it adheres to any changes required by Google.  This ensures the website retains it’s top Google ranking and is positioned across multiple platforms attracting the attention of potential customers.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing (also called ‘online marketing’ or ‘internet marketing’) is the process of gaining traffic and visibility of your website from search engines and other online platforms (social media, Google Maps, e-marketing, etc) through both paid and unpaid efforts.

Successful digital marketing is a continuing evolution of keyword strategy, website content updates, back-linking, social media activity and much more, to encourage traffic and engagement through your website.

In the ever-expanding worldwide web and social media space, ensuring your business is found online is not simply a matter of ‘if I build it, they will come’ – far from it! Attracting (and keeping) the attention of the search engines and attract a top-ranking requires dedication and persistence.

Failure to follow Google’s strict rules can see your website languishing on page 6 or worse, not ranking at all.

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