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search engine optimisation north shore

search engine ranking northern beachesNorth Shore Dentistry has recently had their website developed by an industry specific website design company.  While some SEO (search engine optimisation) had been done, it was quite broad and not specific to their local area and the clientele they were trying to attract.  As a local North Shore resident, I was very familiar with the area and suggested we get very specific with their keywords to target surrounding suburbs and specific dental services.

I undertook extensive keyword research to determine what words their potential customers were likely to use when doing a Google search to find services offered by North Shore Dentistry. This formed the foundation of my SEO strategy.  I adapted the existing content on their website and also added new pages and blog posts to target these keyword search phrases.

Unfortunately the original website designer hadn’t given the client any training so she was unsure of how to confidently make updates to the website themselves.  Once the SEO upgrade was complete I sat down with them for a face-to-face WordPress training session at their clinic.  I also explained how they should be using their blog to further enhance their internet marketing strategy.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services North Shore

Do you find yourself asking the following questions regarding your Google ranking (or lack thereof)?
  1. I’ve just got a new website designed but I can’t find it on Google?
  2. I paid someone a lot of money to optimise my website but I’m on page 4 of Google. No-one will bother to look there!
  3. Less experienced businesses than mine are ranking higher on Google and stealing my customers.
  4. Why is my competitors website ranking higher than mine?
  5. Other websites are uglier than mine but are ranking on page 1 of Google but mine is nowhere to be found.

Would you like a better search engine ranking or learn SEO so you can manage your website and online marketing more effectively?  Rebecca provides expert SEO services to ensure your website ranks top of Google.  She can also manage your website, social media and online marketing on your behalf.  Her search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing services guarantee your business stays abreast of Google’s strict algorithm requirements and is being seen by potential customers every single day.

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SEO Courses

Search Engine Optimisation Training North Shore

Do you want to start managing the SEO and online marketing of your website in-house? Or, are you already doing so but not getting the results you anticipated?  My digital marketing and SEO consultancy services are the perfect solution.

If your business relies on a top search engine ranking then attending one of my workshops or organising a tailored digital marketing consultancy session could be the best marketing decision you make all year. Gain the confidence and skills required to confidently manage your online marketing campaigns in-house.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to getting found online in the modern marketplace. It’s a never ending process that requires ongoing commitment, a continuing evolution of keywords, online activity, linking to others, social media activity and other ways to evidence traffic and engagement on your website. A culmination of these factors ensures you gain the attention of Google so your business can be found by your potential customers.  My consultancy sessions and training courses provide you with step by step guidelines to equip you with everything you need to know to ensure you secure and maintain a top organic ranking on Google. You will gain the skills to manage your online marketing with confidence.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help and have been ensuring my clients get a top Google ranking (and stay there) for over 15 years.

If your business isn’t ranking on page 1 of Google and other search engines it is near impossible to compete in the crowded online marketplace.

The image below represents the percentage of clicks the top 3 rankings on Google receive. The further down the list your website appears, the lower your click through rate. And let’s not even contemplate how low your click-through rate if you appear on page 2 or lower.

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