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Consentic specialise in interactive medical consent solutions from their head office in Barangaroo, Sydney. They approached me in 2023 to develop a new, contemporary website that suitably represented the expertise of this progressive Australian company.

New Website Design with SEO

The company had an existing WordPress website that had been designed, largely, by staff in-house.  While the website ‘worked’, it had a myriad of functionality and display issues. It hadn’t been optimised for search engine ranking.   They felt their existing website didn’t adequately represent the company brand, nor the progressive nature of their medical consent software.

The first step in the website upgrade process was to duplicate their existing website onto a staging web server so I could utilise the existing content.  Their old website remained live while I worked on the website upgrade.

We discussed keywords and search terms used by their potential clientele to find the products and services they offer online.  With this information, I was able to undertake the necessary keyword research and devise an SEO strategy for the new website.  I amended the existing content accordingly and recommended new content be added to improve keyword relevancy.

Next, I worked closely with staff to curate a design and layout that represented the company and their products effectively.  Strong calls to action were added to encourage communication from potential clients.

While the functionality of the website was quite simple, I added a short, looping video to the home page header so website visitors were greeted with some movement. Throughout the website I added content animation in the form of sliders, flipping content, expanding text, etc., to add interest to the otherwise static pages.  I incorporate screenshots of the Consentic software application onto stock images to personalise the photos and highlight how the app worked.


web design barangaroo
Above: Original Consentic website (left) and the completed upgraded website (right).



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