Travel agency website design & ongoing internet marketing (Fiji Island Tours)

travel agency website design sydney

Travel agency website design Sydney

I have been working with the team at Fiji Island Tours (Fiji Island Holidays) since 2006.  On a weekly basis I manage their websites, search engine ranking, internet and email marketing campaigns.

Mobile-friendly website design

Their websites must look great so visitors feel compelled to look around, explore and, finally, contact Fiji Island Holidays for a quote or more information.  Even if they don’t book a holiday on their first visit to the website, I hope the website will remain bookmarked so they return when they are ready to do so.

Over the years the Fiji Island Holidays website has gone through many incarnations – the latest in 2014 was a complete design revamp and upgrade to a mobile-friendly, responsive format.

With this upgrade I added some additional functionality that will make the user experience easier and more enjoyable when researching and planning their next Fiji holiday, honeymoon, wedding or corporate retreat.

I also expanded on the content and added in a lot of new information – much of which I sourced and wrote myself as my clients were too busy to do so themselves. My strategy behind this is to start targeting niche keyword searches that other travel agents may be overlooking in their search engine optimisation techniques.

From a design perspective, I maintained a strong emphasis on colour and fun coupled with beautiful imagery. I wanted visitors to get a sense of the fun and friendliness the Fijians extend to visitors.

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A top Google ranking

The majority of the companies travel enquiries now come through their websites so it is imperative they retain a top ranking on Google for a broad range of keywords.  This requires ongoing commitment, a continuing evolution of keywords, online activity, linking to others, social media activity and many other ways to evidence traffic and engagement on your website in order to gain the attention of the search engines so the company has a better-than-average chance of being found!

Customer testimonial

Rebecca has successfully maintained our brand marketing for many, many years and is responsible for our recent website rebuild and search engine optimisation which has been nothing short of amazing. Take a minute to ask Rebecca how she got our website to number 1 on Google. – Mike Dungan, Fiji Island Tours

Email marketing

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Travel agency website design

Rebecca Mitchell, founder of RAM Marketing, has been providing professional website design, SEO, online marketing and graphic design services to Sydney businesses since 1996. One of Rebecca’s most distinguishing points of difference over other website development companies is the advice, knowledge and expertise she provides her clients at no additional cost.

Importantly, Rebecca don’t just design your website and send you on your way.  Her goal is to ensure your business achieves success online, every day, and is noticed by your potential clients and customers.

Rebecca provides expert SEO services to ensure your website ranks top of Google.  She can also manage your website, social media and online marketing on your behalf.  Her search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing services guarantee your business stays abreast of Google’s strict algorithm requirements and is being seen by potential customers every single day.

In 2015 Rebecca expanded her services to include a growing range of internet marketing courses and search engine marketing (SEM) consultancy services.  Workshops include SEO training,  learn social media and how to set up a successful online business course.

For more information, contact Rebecca Mitchell direct on 9982 5057 or complete our online enquiry form.

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