WordPress SEO and Website Revamp (Case Study: Tech Home Help Ryde)

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Tech Home Help is a Ryde / Epping IT company offering in-home computer repairs and trains people how to use their devices with confidence. Rick, the business owner had created the WordPress website himself and reached out to me to optimise it correctly for search engine ranking.

While Rick had done a good job, upon closer inspection the website lacked calls to action and needed some improvements to convert it into a strong online marketing tool for his business.  Rick was very open to my suggestions and gave me the approval to make any updates I thought necessary.

First I undertook extensive research to determine what keywords Rick’s potential customers were using to search for a business such as his. This formed the basis of the website SEO strategy and determined what content needed to be added and/or improved upon.  The website went from a single, in-effective landing page to an extensive 25+ page website with a built-in blog.

Calls to action were added throughout the website as well as extensive amounts of content to ensure we covered all keywords adequately.  I then resubmitted the website to the search engines for inclusion on their directories.

Local search marketing and a Google Map listing

Most of us no longer want to be restricted to our desktop computers when we need to undertake menial daily tasks, instead wanting to access the internet from anywhere and at any time.

Whether it’s making a dentist appointment, finding a local restaurant or tradesperson, or finding someone to fix your computer quickly, we want to do it wherever we are and when the need arises.   The penetration of mobile phones, voice-activated search, smart watches and smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc), offer us greater convenience.  And that’s why it’s more important than ever that your business is listed in all the right places – particularly if you’re a local business trying to attract local customers.

Local search marketing formed an integral part of my SEO strategy as many of their customers will live and work in their local area.

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About the client

Tech Home Help is a locally Epping computer repair business located in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. For the past 15+ years Rick has been providing technical setup and computer repairs for all devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Tech Home Help offers in-home computer help and face-to-face tech training for residents and business in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs.

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Website Search Engine Optimisation Ryde.

I have been providing specialist website developmentSEO and internet marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes (including Sydney hotels and pubs) since 1996.  One of my most distinguishing points of difference over other website development companies is the advice, knowledge and expertise I provide my clients at no additional cost.  I don’t see my role as simply your website developer or graphic designer.  I work in conjunction with you to determine who your clients are, where they can be found and how we can ensure your marketing message speaks directly to potential customers.  I want your business to get noticed and your level of enquiries to increase exponentially. My affordable all-inclusive packages include website developmentSEO (Google ranking), keyword research, domain name registration, website hosting and unlimited email addresses.

If you would like more information about my web design services and how I can help your trade business get to the top of the search engines (and stay there), please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

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