Shopping cart e-commerce website development (De Toni Patisserie)

ecommerce website design northern beaches

ecommerce website design northern beaches


It was a pleasure for my senses to work on the development of the new ecommerce shopping cart website for Northern Beaches patisserie and bakery, De Toni. Looking at photos of delightfully colourful macarons, the most decadent cakes I have ever seen, the cutest mini eclairs  (my personal favourites) and a literal smorgasbord of culinary works of art. Not a bad gig!

With the goal of expanding their already very successful wholesale business to a retail audience I was enlisted to create their new online store. I was careful to ensure the shopping experience was a very visual one for customers.  I wanted the products to speak for themselves and therefore used a simple design based on De Toni’s black and white brand – the colour comes from the products. The navigation, shopping and checkout process was also kept very simple so customers didn’t get bogged down by having to supply unnecessary information.

The De Toni ecommerce website falls into a very competitive online space. There are hundreds of websites all competing for the same pool of potential customers.  Before starting the project I extensively researched keywords used by their potential customers. With this keyword understanding, during all steps of the development process, I did everything possible to optimise the website to attract a top Google ranking.

The addition of a blog gives the client a forum to keep customers up to date with what the De Toni team have been doing. I also suggested they use the blog to share interesting and topical information such as recipes and pastry design tips.

Importantly, the De Toni ecommerce website is mobile friendly. With a responsive design used the website adapts to the device it is being viewed on.  This makes for a practical viewing experience for all customers whether they are accessing the online shop on a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Visit the De Toni Patisserie and Bakery Online Shop – I dare you to not place an order!

Shopping cart website design services Northern Beaches

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